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As you can notice my name is Aurelio Muñoz Hijano , born in Malaga (Spain)  but I live in Madrid,  I´m Vizrt Artist Designer and Programmer from the national channel laSexta at Spain (www.lasexta.com).


I want to talk briefly about me. I have more than sixyears as a graphic designer with the software vizrt artist as other software such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects and other software from this suite, Maxon Cinema 4d and the foundry Nuke, among others (I have also knowledge ORAD like 3d Designer or 3DPlay).


Inside the part of Vizrt, I´m Certified Vizrt Artist Pro,  I have extensive knowledge of developing scripts with VBScript, as good strong knowledge in Transitions logics, Datapool, and design - programming of touchscreen scene.


For other Vizrt software group, I am Cetified in Vizrt Operator Trio, Vizrt, I know about Vizrt Pilot program. I developed Forms programs with TemplateWizard for Trio. As with other technologies.








I have knowledge of C# and I am Certified in MTC Technologies Microsoft Certified Framwork 2.0., also

about Vbscript with TemplateWizard In addition I have basic knowledge in C ++ and SQL like ORACLE  or MYSQL (Creating SQL Querys with experience for Spanish elections developments with third party software or forms Template Wizard.)

Work perfect under pressure, I'm a perfectionist and beat me every day

Always keep in constant harmony , and never cease in my efforts to continue learning exponentially , with the aim of further improving both personally and professionally .


Thanking you in advance that you can give attention to reading my profile, I 'll be glad to provide the help that you need.










If you want to know more about my work profile you just have to download my resume in PDF

About me

Nothing Gained




Coming soon Demo Reel Vizrt

#TheEvil Chapter 0

Coming soon Demo Reel Vizrt



Project: Demo Reel @Sparanzza @Vizrt Vol 3

Description: My last Demo Reel Vizrt Volume 3.1 , I show graphics for various TV programs, Transitions Logics ..., In addition to my beta last of my plugin kinectV2kinectWindows for Vizrt Artist 3.6.3

I hope you like them all ... #Hearmehowl


Project: Reel Vizrt vol.1 (2011 - 2012)

Description: This demo reel was produced with Vizrt Artist 2.8 shows graphic designs from various programs of the tv channel laSexta.

In any case the graphics shown were modified or retouched third party programs.

All right is reserved to the owner, please don´t use o reproduced without permission.


Project: Plugin for Vizrt Artist

Description: This is my first plugin to Vizrt.

It can export the animation camera from Vizrt Artist to After effects or Autodesk Maya in few seconds. You can download a free trial in my blog to check out!.


Project: Reel AEvol.1 Express (2011 -2013)

Description: This demo reel is a small demonstration motion graphics of duration 7 to 15 seconds made ​​in  30 minutes and two hours from completion,

All right is reserved to the owner, please don´t use o reproduced without permission.


Project: Reel Vizrt vol.2  (2012 - 2013)

Description: This demo reel was produced with Vizrt Artist 2.8 shows graphic designs, from the tv channel laSexta.

All right is reserved to the owner, please don´t use o reproduced without permission.


Coming soon

After Effects vol.2


Project: Lite Demo Reel Modeling @AdskMaya 2006/10 vol1

Description: his is my first 'Lite' Demo Reel only modeling in Autodesk Maya, realized in 2006 / 10.

I´m not use third party only Maya and Mental Ray

I hope you like as much as I liked (Sometimes one falls in love with his own work).


Project: Test Quico´s Cript Python Autodesk Maya

Description: This is a example of scripting for Autodesk  Maya in Python. It is my own generator ribbons ands Birails Animated.

Render Maxwell Render 2.5


Mograph and Vfx Service (Freelance)



Don’t hesitate to contact me through this email : info@sparanzza.com or my by calling me to my mobile phone : +34 654 429 579  in case you need further information.


in Cloud

Possibility to work from the cloud, I have an own server, and computer to work from home.


Sparanzza has the prowess to develop various skills from the 3d, Vfx, MoGraph and other areas.

Offering services like 3D Generalist operator with programs such as Autodesk Maya, Vfx, with Nuke and After Effects or Motion graphics with Vizrt Artist.

Possibility to commute the same job


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